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Where are prostitutes in Jackson

Photo courtesy Sandy Middleton.

Where Are Prostitutes In Jackson

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Gormley, Chief Deputy Atty. Meierhenry, Atty.

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Sex workers caught in trafficking crackdown

The Filthy Five participated in festive frock coats and derby hats. The plaque enjoyed the bright light of day for all of about one week.

If it looks like something once sat here and has since been removed, well, it did and it was. Get the latest history scoops FREE in our exclusive newsletter!

The group created a heart-shaped bronze plaque declaring:. The raid came as an unhappy surprise to local law enforcement; nobody told them the State agents were coming.

Outrage quickly followed. Enjoyed this post?

Judge John C. He later would become a Superior Court Judge. Jackson Mayor Pete Cassinelli gave permission for the group to plant the plaque in the sidewalk, and a dedication ceremony was arranged, complete with band, program, and speakers.

Please leave us a comment! Seeing the writing on the wall, the Filthy Five quietly exhumed the plaque under cover of night on February 20 — hence explaining the current patched square in the sidewalk. Even local kids knew where the cat houses were located. Surprisingly, the council voted to let the plaque stay.

Gambling and prostitution had been long considered no big deal in town. Somewhere between 50 and attendees showed up for the ceremony.

The City Council meeting five days after the unveiling was swamped with outraged citizens, expressing their unhappy opinions. It was March, when four separate houses in Jackson were raided by agents from the State Department of Justice.

But pushback continued. And so the heart-shaped plaque remained quietly under wraps in the protective custody of its promoters for the next two decades.