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Poughkeepsie prostitutes where to find

Serial killer Kendall Francois is known for having killed eight women - all of them prostitutes - over a two-year period, stashing their bodies in his house in Poughkeepsie, NY. Inhe was initially arrested for his attack on Christina Sala, but when authorities entered his house with a search warrantthey found bodies hidden in the attic and basement.

Poughkeepsie Prostitutes Where To Find

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Kendall picks up Audrey Pugliese 34 on August 12th, He brings her back to his house and goes down into the basement. She jumped out and walked away. Once she lost consciousness but was not dead, Kendall ran a bath.

The Poughkeepsie Journal runs a report on women who have gone missing in the area. Kendall returned home to Poughkeepsie and got a job working for Arlington Middle School. Catherine was white and had a small build, with brown hair and blue eyes. She files charges against Kendall at the end of February Kendall Francois ple guilty to 3rd-degree assault charges and sentenced to 15 days in jail, but only ends up serving 7 then released.

Some say that his interest in female students seemed unsavory. The women started going missing in and had one thing in common besides the monster who was taking them; they all battled drug addiction. She ran to a nearby Sunoco gas station clad only in sweatpants asking for the police to be called as she had been attacked. Investigators start to question area prostitutes and one name keeps popping up…. Christine was able to break away from Kendall Francois as he was distracted. The home was one block away from Vassar College and two blocks from an area of Poughkeepsie that was lined with fast-food restaurants and where prostitutes worked to support their drug habits, usually crack.

Like all the others she had a slight build, white and brown hair. This is the story of how Kendall Francois, also known as the Poughkeepsie Killer, got away with abducting women and keeping them hidden from their loved ones and police for over 2 years.

He then puts his hands around her neck strangling her till she dies. On October 24, Kendall Francios picked up Wendy Myers year-old a prostitute and brought her back to his home. Kendall catches her and starts to punch her in the face and head and eventually throws her to the ground.

11 grisly details about kendall francois, an unrepentant serial killer

Famous sites include Vassar College and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. Kirstyn Francios, was his younger sister and was attending college full time. On the 23rd, Kendall picks up Lora Gallagher and like the other begins to assault her. Initially, he places her in the attic after washing and drying the body but moves her to the basement crawl space under the house the following day. His father, McKinley Francios, was a factory worker. Kendall would end up strangling her during sex. After sex, Kendall once again chokes his victim to death and places her in the attic with his other two victims after washing the body.

During sex, he begins to strangle her, but she breaks free and runs for the door. Siegrist follows Kendall as he drops his mother off at work on the 18th and stops him asking him if he would come down to the station for questioning.

She was reported missing from the town of Dover which is 20 miles east of Poughkeepsie. Wendy was white with a small build and short brown hair and hazel eyes. He participated in both football and wrestling and graduated from high school in the spring of After high school, Kendall Francois s the Army in In he was discharged due to his obesity issue.

Kendall meanwhile waits outside until he sees the police setting up a roadblock. She is reported missing by her father on November 13, He had come into the Poughkeepsie Police Department to see if they could help locate her so he could tell her that her mother had passed away in October Michelle Eason 27an African-American prostitute disappears in September Debbie Annan, an area prostitute and drug addict escapes from an encounter with Kendall after he picked her up on a street corner in November After negotiating money for sex Kendall took Annan back to his home, where he attempted to strangle her.

She was also pregnant, according to one article from the New York Times that I read. He first worked as a janitor and then he received a promotion to hall monitor in April He is described by co-workers as being quiet, pleasant, and soft-spoken. The inside of the house was not much better with dirty clothing lying about, insects in the bathroom sink and various syringes lying about. Christine Sala, a local drug addict, had been seeing a customer on and off in her motel room that summer.

On November 31, Kendall picks up prostitute Catherine Marsh year-old and takes her back to his home after they agree on a price. Kendall invited Christine back to his home on 99 East Forbes Street that he shared with his parents and younger sister. Kendall Francois pulled the car into the garage and at that point demanded sex from Christine.

Gina had a fight with her boyfriend while driving around in his car.

Kendall Francios. She told him no and that is when Kendall punched her in the face and held her by her throat.

If it was a serial killer the running theory was that they were looking for a white male committing these offenses. During sex, Kendall began choking Wendy on his bed. This customer was Kendall Francois, a year-old African American male who was born and raised in Poughkeepsie.

The poughkeepsie killer

He agrees. Kendall Francois was born on July 26,and by all s seemed to have a lower-middle-class upbringing. Detective Mannian would report that the home smelled awful and was a mess due to piles of garbage, dirty clothes, unwashed dishes lying about, rotting food, and live and dead roaches.

At this point, the only thing the police know is that there are multiple missing women who all share similar features and some been arrested for prostitution in the past and all had drug addictions, but they still have no crime scenes nor have any bodies surfaced.

It was basically described as a dump inside with lots of garbage odors. Kendall told them that dead raccoons were decaying in the walls and he could dispose of them. He made off-color remarks and touched their hair.

Kendall allows Detective Mannian to come into this home and specifically his bedroom, but he could not go into any other rooms. He also had an older sister, Raquel, and another younger sister, Aubrey. High school seemed to go better for Kendall.

Kendall francois – the poughkeepsie killer

Bill Siegrist and Det. Skip Mannain are ased to investigate. He placed Wendy face down into the tub and held her down until she died. In school, Kendall stood out due to his large size. He last saw her in her apartment that was across the river from Poughkeepsie. Once on the ground, he stomps on her face, ribs, and stomach. Her car was found three blocks from the Francois home. Detective Mannian of the Poughkeepsie PD is handing out flyers of area women who have gone missing when the gas station attendant flags him down and has him talk to Christine. Neighbors of the Francois begin to smell a horrible odor that seems to be coming from the Francois home.

The Francois home looked to have a worn-down, shabby appearance on the exterior and stood out from other homes on the block that were well kept.

Kendall francois

She was able to break away and begged him to drive her to a local gas station so she could get cigarettes. Mysteriously, she is let go by Kendall. Poughkeepsie Police Department were very familiar with Kendall Francois. He was quiet and mostly kept to himself. She had never been arrested for prostitution. Kendall then moved her lifeless body into the attic and wraps her body in garbage bags.

Gina is described as a white female with a small build and brown hair. Christine says that Kendall pulled her out of the car by her hair and demanded that she perform a sex act on him i. Version 2 and the one on the Serial Killer Documentary is that after they finished having sex, Kendall became enraged and started choking Christine. According to her mother, Gina had a long history of drug use starting at the age of He places her body in the trunk of his car and leaves his car overnight in the family garage.