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Marita D.

Luly Pembroke Pines FL Escort

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The event was hosted by the Knights of Columbus Council Nearly faithful gathered for a special prayer service July 3, at St. Oneil Assembly and San Isidro Councilholds his sword in front of the Silver Rose icon, during the special prayer service July 3, at St. This national pilgrimage began in March and reached South Florida after traveling through North America. The journey of the Silver Rose is scheduled to end on Dec.

Years old 35
My orientation: Gentleman
Body type: I'm quite fat
What is my hobbies: Singing

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I will always be yours. You touched my heart in a way that no other friend has. You were so much more this amazing one of a kind creative and smart man—than you ever gave yourself credit for. I just new him for a short time but not only was he a co-worker but a dear sweet friend. Please know and understand.

Whoever that girl was that let you go should know she was very lucky to have such a good guy. He really knew how to brighten your day and became one of the most friendly people I know. Most of all I want to remember as I wake up each day to focus on celebrating all you were to me and so many others, especially your Mom and Dad. As we watch it grow and bloom and enjoy the fruit, we will always remember you and how happy you were as th fruit ripened and coud be eaten. My personal belief, God called you. Travis was such a joy to be around always happy and smiling.

You will be sadly missed.

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I will miss him dearly. But I know the only way to get through is to celebrate and remember our awesome times together. I feel like I let you down letting you go through this alone. I only hope you found the happiness there that you could not find here. We had a special bond.

Senior certified nursing assistant - (multiple positions and shifts, to include temporary positions)

I am soo sorry for you loss. It is so hard to accept that you are gone.

It takes alot for me to open my heart, but with you it was soo easy; it was natural. Thanks for allowing Travis to come into our lives for such a short season. He has left us in this short time,but will not be forgotten.

I will not put anyone at your desk. I will always remember you when I sit to to eat my lunch at work. Your smile and ability to make us laugh, everyone notices how much we miss. No parent should ever have to feel the pain of losing their. You will always be my baby.

July - section #1

Your bear hugs were the best, the best Travis—and I never cared whether you were sweaty or not you incredible hunk! Our Children grow into men and woman but no matter what they are still our babies, they are still our sweet little prince or princess.

I will count the six years we spent together as the happiest I will ever have. Be proud of yourselves for raising such a wonderful son. But for now, I pray to get by each day with remembering the priceless happy memories we shared and that I have the strength to share that light you brought to me with your family and friends— instead of falling to pieces, BTW, anything you could do to help me out in this area would be much appreciated:. You had all the qualities in a man that every woman dreams of having.

He always was gracious and courtious, and very rarely did I see him negative. You are and will always be my other son, Godson in life, taken away from all of us who loved you way before your time. We just miss you. To one of the sweetest men I have ever chatted up over the phone.

It may stay there for months, years or maybe for as long as I am still employed there…I am soo sorry,… you were such a good guy. In this time I felt like I have known you all my life. Help me Travis, escort me find the perfect words that you so often spoke when talking about your Dad, the great stories you told that were your favorite memories with him—I want to share with him as you asked me to— to let him feel and know how much his spending time with you meant,the joy it brought Pembroke you that he wanted to spend time with you and as you found out—you would have done more together given the time…he loved you Travis more than life itself and I know you became aware of that towards the pine, thank you for letting me be a part of discussing your needs and desires you were so deserving of.

I am having such a hard time getting past this. Please, help me…I miss you soo much, as I know he does…You meant soo much to him. I hope to see you sooner than later- as this life has no meaning for me without you in it. Please come visit me again. Where does my lost, lonely heart start? I needed to be needed and received from you much more than I gave. I Love you and miss you eternally. Desi would always let you know when I was there and you would always come and visit me, even on your breaks.

I feel soo sad that you had to leave us so soon. He could always make you laugh. I cannot breathe, I cannot see, I can only feel this lost, this alone Luly missing limb that was my Shervi.

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I always said that you would make the perfect mate. I am soo sorry Travis for not having the time to talk to you your last day of work when you called me. I know that you meant soo much to him and you know that he loved you soo much.

We love you!! When they say chivalry is dead, I say I knew a man that still opened doors for ladies, and that is truly rare. You were way to young to be out of this world so soon. I am so glad you saw so much in a different light towards the end.

I was so sad when my mom told me what happened. Travis you will always be loved and never forgotten.

Travis taught me me to look at the amount of calories and sodium in the food that I eat. God Bless you. Travis will be missed but never forgotten, and I will continue to say a pray for your family. We are missing a piece of our hearts and there is a silence that will never be filled.

Travis jay dillow

I feel blessed to have at least meet you in person a few times. You came into our lives and were taken so suddenly that we are still in shock. I know how much you missed her.

My prayers go out to everyone in the Dillow Family. You truly were my other half — always my better half. I pray that I remember to tell so much of what you wanted to say but were too shy to share at times. And you did it, you took our idea and ran with it, self-motivated, actually getting up before Dad to begin your new endeavor, and it did not go unnoticed as you know…you knew how proud he was. You made him into a great man. Travis was such a joy sent to T. Travis always had a smile on his face and always had a positive attitude, never once have I seen Travis upset or unhappy.

He died on September 1, He had recently completed the training to become a Certified Credit Counselor, and had received ad?

Marita d. christian

We know that you are in a better place. Baby, You used to ask If I would cry if you died. You will be missed in every way. Your hopes, your dreams, your fears your schemes…and as always in life, now too in death, Travis you can trust me now to share what needs to be shared, what you wanted help in sharing with those you so dearly loved, your Dad especially.

I am afraid of this world without you.

I became your biggest fan. I will never be ok again. Many people never understand me and from the day you came, You and I just clicked. I am still waiting for you to walk in the room or call. I will miss the times we shared together, the way you made me laugh, the way you made me feel better when I was sad, our heart to heart talks, but most of all I will miss the times we are unable to share together.

I have not stopped crying since I found out. Travis, you were special and you will never be replaced.

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Give me a with what you want me to do and I will do it. Your smile and fun loving personality will be eternally missed. We all walk by where you were sitting, with a look on our faces…. In Loving memory of my Friend Travis. I have never been through this type of pain. You were the coolest person at the office. I will miss him.

We enjoyed every minute of you being there. Chyna and Family. You were such a kind, gentle, sensitive man with so much love, emotion and feelings. I will never love again the way I loved you. We were very lucky to have you walk into our lives and become a part of our family at TCCF.