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Katrina Irving TX Escort

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Last night when I left the station, there were five big buses with a police escort lined up right outside the station. Americans, like us, with vacuous looks in their eyes, looking disconnected, lost, and powerless. And Nexstar had sent reporters and photographers from its other stations to help as well. Taylor says the government declared his house uninhabitable and bulldozed it to the ground. Accompanying them are lots of RVs providing much needed sleep. He and his wife agreed to meet up with the reporter and photog and drive down to his house in New Orleans.

I caught up with Tiffany Alaniz, currently in Tulsa, Okla. Suddenly, I heard a gasp and sobbing; they found a picture of their neighborhood completely underwater.

In loving memory

There were abandoned cars on either side of the highway — out of gas, or just wore out, I guess. While we were online, there was a man and his family next to us. This morning, I arranged for an anchor and photographer to meet up with an old New Orleans friend of mine who was temporarily living with his sister about two hours north of New Orleans.

They usually do several different stories. Well, here comes the librarian with her clipboard so I have to go. Each reporter yesterday, we had two has a photographer that works with them. The video was touching; Glenn in hip boots, walking a little boat through his neighborhood while his wife, Jennifer, along with the reporter and photographer sat in the boat and recorded it all. After the 6 p. On the way down, traffic was light, with most of it being military convoys, tractor trailers and small groups of rescue convoys from all over the country; some with small boats and ATVs towed behind them.

Often, the reporters do a live introduction. Everywhere there are s with messages of encouragement and hope for the victims.

Hurricane katrina diary, part 2

One of the photographers slept on a dusty old couch, while I slept on the floor of the radio studio in a sleeping bag. Some have survived the flood only to be drowning on dry land. Ice is at a premium so I had to drive around to find a store with ice. I caught up with Taylor a few days ago to talk about Katrina. Tiffany Alaniz and Justin Haase arrived minutes ago from Joplin, were briefed, given some directions and sent out on a story. Thousands of evacuees had poured into the city from New Orleans.

These days, Taylor directs reality shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Bar Rescuebut then he was facing a nightmare version of a reality show himself. Welcome to hurricane coverage in Shreveport! The news ticker is the information that crawls along the bottom of the TV screen. After I left the Baton Rouge library, I headed to the sat truck to meet up with some Nexstar anchors, reporters and photographers from stations around the country.

A tale of two new orleans hotels

He says his wife is still traumatized by it and when the hurricane is mentioned on TV, she changes the channel. In the end, the judge ruled that the flood was due to a man-made mistake, the poor construction of the leveesand he got nothing. The following is part of a diary I kept of what I observed. There are s everywhere that demonstrate the extent of this story.

I drove down from Shreveport yesterday morning, a drive of about five hours. The station has been getting a flood of e-mail from viewers complimentary of its news coverage. The one story she remembers was about some little girls had a lemonade stand to make money to give to the evacuees. More buses were coming to them up the road. Next to me at the computer terminal I helped a certified Ford mechanic look for a job online because the New Orleans dealership where he worked was underwater.

His house and yard were flooded, ruined; the only thing he salvaged was an old baseball bat that belonged to his dad, a one-time pro ball-player. If you wanted to get a glimpse of what some displaced Americans are going through thanks to Katrina, you only needed to spend a few minutes in the downtown Baton Rouge library, like I did this morning.

He continued paying his mortgage although no house was there for years until finally selling the lot to a neighbor. It was very hot, and not all of us could fit in the sat truck.

Next came getting some hotel rooms for the various other people coming in from other Nexstar stations to help with the news coverage. I met one of the radio news guys and got him to leave the door to the bus open so some of us could sleep inside, albeit without any air conditioning. I used to work at WWL and was hoping to see some friends.

Come and obey

State Police headquarters, the same place where all of the emergency management people are. Nexstar had a satellite truck parked on the Louisiana State Police grounds in Baton Rouge, a staging area for the press as well as the National Guard. Alaniz says she was overwhelmed at the time by the outpouring of support that the people in Shreveport showed the evacuees. My job is to keep the news ticker up to date.

Some of them had driven all night, then went right into New Orleans, shot their story, and came back to use the sat truck to edit it. When he asked the insurance company to pay for his house, they balked and refused. Taylor took them to court. While they may now be getting the necessities to sustain life — water, food, a roof over their he, medical attention-their lives are in a state of suspended animation. In front of the building is where the all of the press is parked. A local woman called to say that a local donation center needed boxes — that went on the news ticker.

They come back late very in the afternoon to the sat truck to edit and feed their stories via satellite back to KTAL for a 5, 6 and 10 p.