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Only phase I of three was implemented Full Text Available Four different varieties of charnockitic rocks, with different modes of formation, from the Mesoproterozoic Natal belt are described and new C isotope data presented.

We conducted a cross-sectional survey in three communities in Mamfene, KwaZulu- Natal during A structured field piloted questionnaire was administered to randomly selected he of households. Out ofreferrals were accepted as emergencies. Author Details.

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Dating and sexuality are an integral part of living. A further Yezoites sp. Argentoscaphites corrugatus sp. Scaphites kieslingswaldensis Langenhan and Grundey,Scaphites manasoaensis Collignon,and Yezoites concinna sp. Tele-dermatology was not part of the National Telemedicine Project. From the Natal belt exposures, it is evident that syn-emplacement, magmatic crystallization of charnockite can arise from mantle-derived differentiated melts that are inherently hot and dry as in the Oribi Gorge granites and Munster enderbite, as well as from wet granitic melts that have been affected through interaction with dry country rock to produce localized charnockitic marginal facies in plutons as in the Portobello Granite.

Understanding of the village chicken farming system and its grove on helminth infestation is a prerequisite for optimal prevention and control strategies. Gevolgtrekkings: Ingryping, wat daarop gemik is om infeksies soos seksuele onthouding en die reklame van kondome vir hierdie ouderdomsgroep, behoort wyd in die Wes-Kaap geimplementeer te escort. Although newspapers report the disasters they fail to give details of disaster contingency plans that should be available to those who are susceptible to, and the victims of disasters.

Further investigation is needed to understand the impact of gastrointestinal parasites on village chicken health and production and develop appropriate intervention and control strategies feasible for smallholder farmers.

This study further adds to the growing body of knowledge regarding quality journalism that meets its objectives. Kzn coastal exposures in a of quarries and river sections make this part of the Natal belt a good location for observing charnockitic field relationships.

The increasing burden of tuberculosis in rural South Africa - impact Hlabisa health district, Kwazulu-Natal. In Limpopo, 2. Appropriate knowledge, positive attitude and acceptable treatment-seeking behaviour for malaria were demonstrated by members of the community. The study Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Agtergrond: Suid-Afrika ondervind een van die ergste MIV-epedemies, wat verskil ten opsigte van elke provinsie en distrik en binne elke provinise. It is important to understand community perceptions regarding malaria transmission and control interventions to enable development of community awareness campaign messages appropriate to the needs of the community. This paper describes the implementation of the scheme and covers the social aspects, the mechanical, civil and electrical works, and also scheme economics.

A regional frequency analysis of annual maximum series AMS of flood flows from relatively unregulated rivers in the KwaZulu- Natal province of South Africa has been conducted, including identification of homogeneous regions and suitable regional frequency distributions for the regions.

The existing communication channels used by the. Yezoites australis sp.

This study aimed at analysing referral patterns to de an outreach programme for paediatric surgery in KwaZulu Natal. South Africa has set targets to eliminate malaria by and research into complementary vector control tools such as the Sterile Insect Technique SIT is ongoing.

Kennedy, W. Acta Geologica Polonica, 63 4 Scaphitid ammonites are described and illustrated from the Upper Cretaceous of the coastal region of north-eastern South Africa. Hierdie behoort voorligtings- en toetsveldtogte in te sluit.

Eskom has implemented a 5 kW micro hydropower supply scheme in the Kwazulu-Natal Drakensberg. Interventions to improve community health care services among the deprived population should be focused through public health strategies such as all-encompassing PHC that includes health promotion, education and basic essential amenities.

A multi-stage sampling strategy was adopted to obtain a representative sample of the communities. The faecal floatation analysis of samples from Limpopo and KwaZulu- Natal provinces indicated infestations by Ascaridia galli Mixed infestations were observed in five 4. This is relevant because this study conveys findings that have the potential to persuade government and newspaper organisations to collaborate and to ensure that their officials are multi-skilled and able to cover all phases of disaster management in their articles, in order for these to be understood at all levels of society.

Full Text Available The majority of rural households in developing countries own village chickens that are reared under traditional scavenging systems with few inputs and exposure to various parasitic infestations. Impact of maize storage on rural household food security in Northern Three goats equaled one head of cattle.

Full Text Available A mercury Hg processing plant ly operating in KwaZulu- Natal Province South Africa discharged Hg waste into a nearby river system causing widespread contamination since the s.

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Dimorphism is recognised in Scaphites reesidei, Yezoites concinna sp. Hira, B. ISSN: This cross-sectional descriptive study of prison inmates formed part of a larger longitudinal investigation deed to implement a health education intervention for prison inmates in the KwaZulu- Natal KZN and Mpumalanga MP provinces of South Africa.

Two varieties of post-emplacement sub-solidus charnockites are also evident. A description of village chicken production systems and prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites: Case studies in Limpopo and KwaZulu- Natal provinces of South Africa.

Scared at school: sexual violence against girls in south african schools

Regional patterns in South Africa's postapartheid election in The first universal-franchise elections in South Africa, for the National Assembly and nine provincial councils, were conducted under a system of proportional representation in April Ethnic voting patterns among the spatially concentrated Coloured and Zulu populations were at variance with the otherwise national-liberationary nature of the elec Media framing of natural disasters in Kwazulu-Natal province : Impact of contigency plans. Paediatric surgical disease is a neglected health problem. Regional flood frequency analysis in the KwaZulu- Natal provinceSouth Africa, using the index-flood method.

Full Text Available The study demonstrates that the integration of remote sensing and in situ data could be important in providing more accurate estimates of E. Such modelling effort would Implementation of a micro hydropower supply scheme in the Kwazulu-Natal Drakensberg.

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Dimorphism has not been recognised in Scaphites kieslingswaldensis. A total of village chicken faecal samples and intestines were collected to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in villages of Limpopo and KwaZulu- Natal provincesrespectively.

Method A cross-sectional community-based descriptive study was conducted. We aimed to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding malaria transmission to inform a public awareness campaign for SIT in Jozini Local Municipality, Mamfene in KwaZulu- Natal province.

The main aim of this project was kzn obtain experience in the de and implementation of a micro hydro system, both technically and socially, so that the technology could be used with confidence in Eskom's non-grid electrification programme.

Delays in management were compared to morbidity and mortality. The province has been stricken by natural disasters. The outcomes suggest that newspaper organisations need to appoint a deated reporter responsible for disaster management issues. The scaphitid assemblage includes species ly described from Western Europe and Madagascar, together with Argentoscaphites, ly known only from Patagonia and possibly South India. These varieties of charnockite show that the required physical conditions of their genesis can be achieved through a of geological processes, providing some important implications for the classification of charnockites, and for the interpretation of charnockite genesis in areas where poor exposure obscures field relationships.

Community involvement will be crucial in achieving success of the SIT and future studies should further investigate concerns raised by the community. Full Text Available This study explores how the media frame disaster contingency plans which include preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery of the KwaZulu- Natal province before, during and in the aftermath of escort disasters. Keywords: Helminthes; Village chickens; Smallholder farming systems; Faecal samples. Kasiram, Partab, Dano and Van Greunen cite interaction and intimacy among HIV-positive persons as a neglected research focus, while Painter adds that insufficient attention is afforded to couple relationships for infected people.

Patients travel great distances to tertiary level care for management. Integrating remote sensing and ancillary data for regional grove assessment: eucalyptus grandis agro-system in kwazulu-NatalSouth Africa.

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This decreased mortality escort groves hope for HIV-infected people to plan a future, part of which will include dating and sexual relationships. Demographic and clinical data were extracted from the tuberculosis database for the period, May June The attributable fraction of HIV-infected Identifying regional landscapes for conservation planning: a case study from KwaZulu- NatalSouth Africa.

Descriptive statistics were used to summarize data. Data forms of patients referred to the service between January and July were correlated with the clinical record. Although the processing plant ceased operation in the This article advances the idea that rural youth and teachers are the key in leading community dialogue towards addressing gender-based violence GBV in their community through their film making.

These include charnockitic aureoles developed in leucocratic, biotite, garnet granite adjacent to cross-cutting enderbitic veins that are attributed to metamorphic-metasomatic processes as in the Nicholson's Point granite, a part of the Margate Granite Suite, as well as nebulous, patchy charnockitic veins in the Margate Granite that are attributed to anatectic metamorphic processes under low-aH2O fluid conditions during a metamorphic event. Paediatric surgery outreach: analysis of referrals to a tertiary kzn surgery service to plan an outreach programme Kwa-Zulu NatalSouth Africa.