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Prohibition because of the Corona virus Last week, the government decided to ban all prostitution services. Asian redhead bounded to submission.

Escorts Covent Evansville

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A letter, precisely in aeqord::Cj with tho sagacious Teddys. I was about to fee properly introduced to her, and I thought 1 would disassociate myself from my foolish letter.

Edith ishis onlv child, and they live in Worcester Square. Place of Voting Court House. I wouldn't itive your real name, but let her know you are a gentleman, and that if she takes you she'll htand a chance of being Lady Harcourt some day. When we drew up under the portico at Covent Garden, and were entering the lobby, Mrs.

Laurence said to me : " Why, I declare, there aro the Colonel and lidith going up yonder before me.

There was one more night, however one- more chance for me and my white camellia; and I still dared to hone that I should see her. He wa pmokiog, as usual, and his firt remark was, "Well, old man, how coes it? Then ' you're doomed to disappointment, my boj I've just come lroni seeing her driving in the Park have seen her several times, and it was glorious.

Risk it. People near me in.

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I thought jou'd quite forgotten that affair," he said, laughing. Can you ndvUe me? Pieeon Township into a e ' -j nnmher nf Election Precincts, ant.

It was indeed a mad scheme, not wilder ,-though;" than my wild search after I had seen her photograph. Ther- w re four ipera nights at Covent Gardeu during the iext week, a nd O! I should be there with the white camclia and I' should so 1 said in the letter construe fur attendance as a that sho wa-t not. I did not give piy ovvu name, fearing Miss Vane's indiarnat.

Third Btreeta. Second, Precinct Shall copsist of all the territory between the following boundaries, to-wit: Btginning on the Ohio River, at the foot of Mulberry Street, running thence along Mulberry Street to the Old Cemetery, thence to the Canal, thence along the Canal to Eighth Street, thence along Kiehth Street to Chestnut street, thence along Chestnut to the river, thence along the river to the place of beginning.

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Of 'Ur. On this fourth evening I was obliged o go out to dinner. It was with a beating heart that I t iuk my seat in a stall at the opera on the first of theappointed nights. If you won't take it, why the deuce did you ask me tor it?

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Our family were famous io old days for acting without hesitation when cnee a coarse of action wa3 decided upon, and I was no exception to the Keue. Ir persuaded good natured Mrs. Laurence to drive round by my rooms unier pretense of getting my own opera glass, which I siid was especially adapted to my s'ghf. Had she come, I wondered, on tins last n gotf iut Evansville as we reached the box-door I tore the flower from my button-hole and put it into the tkket pocket of my coat.

Second and Cowan Streets. This, then, waa the name of my idol ; apd I thought never did name sound so musical. A girl with such eyes, I thousht, must be romantic, an i surely all the romance of her na-r turc would come to my aid when 6ho knew how long I had worshiped her photogsaph. MifS Vane was evidently mortified covent my impertinence. Seventh Precinct. Voting Place Habenicht's escort. The next day I had no heart evtn to go to the Park; and again, punctual to the time of opening, I went to ti e opera: Acain I was disappointed.

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Headquarters for, and pnlj: Complete Stock of. Laurence came in, and shortly. I am sure unsuspectingMrs. Laurence must have fe. I returned home the second night mad with love and disappointment.

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I was madly in. I wept into Maycard's rooms and upbraided him for his advice, and altogether, as he said, I qualified myself lor Colney Hatch by easy stages. Say you don't want to press matters till you can get tormil introduction to her, and" here he stopped a moment" ask her, if she's not very angry at you, to be at the opera on some night in one week, and wear; a white camellia in your button hole. I was absurdly early, in my eaeerness to be Upon the scene, and a few persons but myself wer in the theatre.

My host wa an old friend of our family, who had been for many years in Canada.

He was quartered at Quebec a lone time. I suppose he's just brought her, for I " know he had to go to the same meeting as Mr. May I ask who he is? Horse and Shoe Brusues, Curry -Combs. I sometimes won3er now that I didn't faint at this intelligence.

For two more days I watched her in the p. I tried to console myself. A London Story. We shall not be alone, bye and bye, as I have a young lady coming to the box, who will only need an escort to her carriage, as she is a. Write to her. Such an arrangement wa9 an extremely ioriucafe one for me, I thought, and I only hoped Mrs. Laurence and her charming young lady might devote themselves entirely to the music, and leave me at liberty to scrutinize the house.

Second aut?

I very seldom get. These I scanned carefully through my opera lass, :md s the stalls and boxes began to fill I devoted the whole of Evansville lime to a steady scrutiny of the occupants. There's your plan all cut and dried, and you are the mot ur.

L might seek an introduction to her in some more convenient and legitimate mauner. And remember. I went home in a very disconsolate mood, although I was rather consoled by tho enlarged photograph which had been takou for me, and which was enstalled in a escort of honor in mv room. Laurence said, "My husband will have to make his apologies to you, Mr. Wow, as I cannot expect to be able to entertain you all the evening, I have got a box at the opera, Covent Garden ; will you taka me? Place of Voting Joh n Covent grocery, corner of.

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One thing I had to remember, and that was my camellia. She might be engaged to some one else in the interval, if even she were not engaged al ready; she might even get married; and I was resolved at least to Jet her know how strange and mad a passion she had inephed. I saw many fair faces, many hright eyes bent earnestly unon the stage; golden-haired and dark1.

He had no family; had taken a handsome house in town, and was very desirous of showing every possible kindness to-me. I was voted a great, barbarian, no doubt,' with no soul tor music, and my neighbors must have speculated what had brought me to the opera, since I had evidently not come there to listen to the sir g ng. All that territory begiuniogpn the Ohio River, at Sycamore. Then I g t my flower, put it carelully into my button hole, and covered it over with my light overcoat.

Not without some liisgivinjfs, however, as to the romantic nnture of the proposal having any weight with her, for on one occasion she was riding, and was attended not only by her lather, but by - a young cavalier, with whom she seemed to be on very intimate terms, and I fancied she was chnffinz him unmercifully about something. Edith Vane!

Evansville journal, volume 19,evansville, vanderburgh county, 8 october — 3

But nowhere in the great theater could I sec the one face that was engraven on my heart; on the first night, at all events, she Lad not thouaht fit to come;, and as my uund dwelt on my disappointment I was angry withmyself for ever having taken Teddy's advice and liavimr written my mad letter. I had left the oue I intended to wear at my chambers. In a few seconds I should be in her company. I remembered my letter and the camelia. I locked in vain round the "glittering horse-shoe," that spread before me like a ra;nbow.

Fifth Precinct.