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What's the difference between a place card and an escort card?

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La Fete recently had the pleasure of planning a wedding at one of our favorite venues — The Carolina Inn! Escort cards and place cards are always a great way to make your wedding unique. These two small but important details serve as directions to your guests so they know which table and seat to take. We are often asked the difference in escort cards and place cards and if both are necessary.

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In any negative scenario, you risk putting your guests in an embarrassing situation. John Smith with the children listed underneath. I would just stick to having place cards at their seats.

Pink Press Newsletter Filled with wedding planning tips and money-saving advice! The most popular alternative to escort cards is a seating chart.

You can also color-code your place cards according to meal choice — a whole slew of ideas abound. Rather than create an escort card for every guest like you would with place cardscreate an escort card for each party if seated at the same table. Furthermore, these sources state that escort cards are more formal and may have an outer envelope with name and inner card with tablewhile place cards are less formal and are usually tented cards.

However, I only suggest foregoing cards if your wedding reception will be small — think 50 or fewer guests. Shopping Cart 0.

If all members of the family are sitting at the same table, can the escort card read: The Smith Family Table 4 Or do each need their own card, including children? My wedding is small 32 guests - four round tables with eight guests seated at each.

Happy Planning! Can the place card at the table just have there first and last name? It seems like the escort card may be overlooked by the adult children if they come with their parents and may be confusing particularly if they are not seated at the same table as the parents.

The level of formality at your wedding would dictate which to use.

What are escort cards?

I guess to prevent confusion they should be seated at the same table as their parents??? The Pink Bride. Hey Janice! Best of luck! Weddings are ultimately a reflection of who you are and what you want your guests to experience, so you can always nix the formalities of cards and opt for something more creative! Featured image courtesy of Christen Jones Photography.

Usually, the wedding party is taking photos, touching up, getting ready for their exit during their cocktail hour, so they might miss it if not at the seats. Your place cards can most certainly leave off the Mr. I would include both first and last names though to avoid any confusion! Each serves a very different purpose, however. Do be prepared to have a few seating mishaps if you leave out the place cards, however!

For rehearsal dinner place cards, may I use first names only on the cards? If so,I would list the names to avoid confusion. Some sources state that an escort card and place card are the same thing — but with different implied formalities.

I think it will be easy for guests to find their seat without the escort cards. Definitely Leslie! Mistakes happen, and Aunt Gertrude might just plop down at Table 6 instead of Table 9 and not realize her blunder until another guest arrives for his or her seat. Last Spreading a little much needed joy today courtesy of katrinaserene.

Louis Tri-Cities. Or just their names? We are also doing a tuscan table where the wedding party has their dates sitting across from them. We love reading your feedback on our blog!

Does this also apply if they are included on the actual one invitation? Pink Press by fred. Make it easy for your guests to find their seats by arranging your escort cards in alphabetical order by last name. It is customary that an adult child would get his or her own. One thing to consider about using just the family name is are there more than one Smith family present?

I thought that maybe having the escort cards preset for the head table would help their dates sit across from them accordingly. Write your comment here! Louis Weddings Tri-Cities Weddings. Totally, Carolyn!

That is common practice for plated meals at wedding receptions, Vicki. Escort cards escort you to your table, and place cards show you your place at the table.

Does it matter if you write out the table or use numeric s on the escort cards? Couples these days are really getting creative with their escort card display. Great question, Andrea! I read where adult children should have their own escort card. I would like to receive All Rights Reserved. Your comment has been received! Unless you grew up attending formal soirees or had a grandma who was a stickler for formal customs at holidaysyou likely have never heard of the difference.

Place cards

Visit The Pink Bride's profile on Pinterest. Mail will not be published required. Filled with wedding planning tips and money-saving advice! Search Blogs and Vendors. In theory, as long as guests know which table they should sit at, you can be fairly confident that everyone will sit at the appropriate place. As far as de, that is completely up to you! You can avoid using either if you plan to nix ased seating in general at your wedding.

Loading Comments I would suggest having a separate escort card for the adult children, no matter which table they are seated at.

What’s the difference between an escort card and a place card?

Kim, I understand your dilemma and agree it could be very confusing! To name a few, escort and place cards take the drama and uncertainty out of finding a seat for your guests, help control who sits nearest to you on the big day Mom and Dad will want the best seats in the house! Place cards should be set at each place setting around your tables to indicate where each guest should sit.

When in doubt in the future, consider the names! Name required.

Lori, typically you alphabetize by the last name of the first guest listed on the card. Use the following for examples:. We only have 37 people and most of us know each other and are on a first-name basis, but we do have two ministers and their spouses who will be there.

Thank you. It really depends on your personal preference. In other words they are not sent a separate invitation to the wedding but are included on their parents invitation. I need the cards to deate the meal choices for the caterer, but I know that the wedding party has a special entrance and are not necessarily carrying their escort cards to their seats. Louis Tri-Cities About.

I often get a blank stare when i mention “escort card” and “place card” in the same sentence.

If you believe guests may arrive at generally the same time, do not place your escort card arrangement so close to the reception entrance that it causes a line to form outside the building! Can I just have place cards at each table and skip the escort cards? Otherwise, I do suggest escort cards and place cards! Escort cards should be arranged near the reception entrance and very easy to spot. Share the love! For those two ministers and their spouses, you can include their first and last names while keeping the others first names only! Do I put the escort cards for the bride, groom, and wedding party on the escort table with all the other guests, or should I have these already set at the head table before the reception begins?

For your wedding party with particular seating, I agree.