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Electra escort Trenton

The sound deadening, along with the speaker upgrades, will make this truck sound crisp and clean. We started the installation by mounting the display for the Escort system on the back edge of the overhead console.

Electra Escort Trenton

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We started the installation by mounting the display for the Escort system on the back edge of the overhead console. The trio of amps and the processor are mounted against the back wall of the F using a custom steel amp rack that we welded together specifically for this vehicle and the products the client chose.

Once the processor has undone the equalization and tuning intended for the original speakers, we can use it to configure four output channels for the front speakers and tweeters, four for the rears and a ninth for the subwoofers. The client chose this system based on its ease of use and the fact that it works with the Escort Live!

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He was excited to have a little extra protection for his next cross-country adventure. The result is a listening experience that rivals sitting at the mixing console of a world-class recording studio. There is a dedicated four-channel SR4. Finally, an SR1. Each four-channel amp can produce as much as watts per channel, while the sub amp can deliver watts to the pair of subs.

This three-layer escort material helps prevent road, wind, tire and exhaust noise from entering the cab and drowning out the music. The radar detector control was conveniently mounted for ease of use. The Trenton had been planning this project for many years. Our technicians took great care in mounting the equipment for proper ventilation and security.

The rack attaches to the rear seat mounting bolts so that everything is rock solid and secure. Next, we created mounting adapters for two sets of Hertz MLK We installed a woofer and a tweeter in each door and ran individual wires from each back to the rear wall of the truck. The tweeters are mounted securely to the electra panel, a perfect pairing with the midbass drivers. Next, our team mounted two of the laser shifters on top of the rear trailer hitch and secured the twin-antenna radar receiver just beside the hitch bracket.

The shallow mount subwoofers do not impede on any seating inside the truck. We mounted an Audison DRC MP remote control in the overhead console so the client can adjust the system presets or subwoofer level from the front seat. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Founder of Mobile Edge, technology geek, author, ethical businessperson, avid landscaper, CrossFit enthusiast, master of 3 very cool cats, and very happily married.

The client was thrilled with the way the system sounds.

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Share this:. The processor measures the frequency response of each speaker in the truck and calculates the path length differences to the listening position.

The radar detector display looks as if it were part of the truck from the factory. We explained how to use the radar detector and its laser defense system to avoid speeding tickets.

Custom ford f audio system upgrade

Using this information, it sets levels, al delay and equalization curves for each speaker. A client from Trenton, New Jersey, recently reached out to the Mobile Edge team to inquire about upgrading the stereo system in his Ford F work truck and installing a radar detector system. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

The last transducer upgrade was the addition of two Audison inch APS 10 S4S shallow-mount subwoofers under the rear seat. The sound deadening, along with the speaker upgrades, will make this truck sound crisp and clean. The music is presented to the driver as if the dash were the stage at a live performance.

Custom stereo and radar upgrade for trenton ford f pickup truck

The front sensors are installed similarly on either side of the vehicle, and the front grille conceals the radar receiver. The processing power of the Virtuoso would be crucial to this system in its ability to undo the audio al processing built into the factory amplifier.

He wanted a fully loaded truck that he could use for his construction business. The app provides detailed warnings about speed traps from other drivers using the system. The outputs of the processor feed three Audison SR-Series amplifiers. We removed the door trim panels to apply a layer of SoundShield sound deadening to the outer and inner door skins. All amplifiers are securely mounted to custom-fabricated mounts for the amplifier rack. Escort Radar Detector and Laser Defense System Our technicians made sure the laser shifters and the radar receiver were securely mounted.

Location Get Directions to Mobile Edge. These shallow mount subwoofers are easily removable and pack a punch with a small footprint. The processor and all amplifiers are securely mounted and tucked out of sight.

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We added a pair of 2. The client travels all over the country for work, so we were honored to be chosen to perform the audio system and ticket avoidance solution de and installation as part of his dream project. With everything installed and mounted, we used our Audison bit Tune processor to calibrate the system. A crucial part of the installation was to properly align the laser shifters to detect police officers using lidar at long distances. The goal of the new audio system was to de and install something that would play loudly and offer studio-quality accuracy.