Cyberflix Alternatives | 7 Best CyberFlix Alternatives for 2020

Sometimes you may find difficulties when using the CyberFlix TV APK app. So you may ask yourself that are there any CyberFlix alternatives that I can use?

So, in this guide, I will give you a list of 7 best video streaming applications that you can use as CyberFlix Alternatives. Also, these may be compatible with iOS too.

cyberflix alternatives


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Live Lounge APK

Live Lounge Android streaming application is a newly created application to watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and other videos online. The app contains a variety of kinds of streamable content to enjoy yourself.

Same as all other Android applications, you can install the Live Lounge app on any device that supports Android APK files. No need to mention that you can install the application on Android smart TVs and Amazon Firestick devices too.

However, the disadvantage of the application is it cannot be installed on iOS devices.


TVZion APKProbably, TVZion is not the best option to select as an alternative for CyberFlix APK. But we have no many more options. That is not to say that TVZion is not good. It is a decent app. With a neat interface and robust content library, TVZion provides an excellent entertainment experience to its users. Still, I prefer to use the CyberFlix TV app. Also, you may find some other good alternatives like Cinema APK and MovieBox HD APK than TVZion app.

After installing the app, you will able to see all the trending and popular movies on the screen once you open the app. You can quickly browse through the movies and TV shows via the menu of the TVZion app.

TVZion works well on any Android TV Boxes and Firestick devices.



TeaTV APKThis application had been in the android market for quite some time. But the popularity of it went up after Terrarium TV got shut down. That is also an excellent alternative to ShowBox TV APK.

I don’t see any reason not to give a try to this application since it is a very prominent one. That is the reason why we have listed TeaTV on the top of CyberFlix TV alternative list.



Kodi apkNo doubt that the Kodi is a media player that you can use to replace any such kind of applications without hesitations.

If you are looking for the best collection of movies, TV shows, live TV, Sports, and many more Kodi is the recommended app that you can use. To get a start, all you need to do is install the addons for Kodi.

Kodi is an open-source application. That means no single person can claim the ownership of the app. You can expect frequent updates to the Kodi since lots of volunteers around the world contribute to the development of the Kodi app.

Most of the addons for Kodi are free to use. Als, Kodi supports for a wide range of devices like Firestick, Android TV Boxes, Windows and also iOS.


MovieBox HD

CyberFlix alternatives MovieBox HD apkMovieBox HD is another good alternative to CyberFlix TV app. But with some limited features. Some features are standard in almost all applications, and you will also experience in this application as well. Speaking of interface, it is clean and intuitive, and anyone can use the app very easily. If your need is a simple and attractive easy to use the application, then definitely you can try MovieBox HD as an alternative to CyberFlix TV app.


Titanium TV

Titanium TV apkTitanium TV is another perfect alternative to CyberFlix TV if you have planned to use any TV application instead of CyberFlix TV. You will notice that the interface is just like CyberFlix TV. It also comes with a vast amount of content library.

Titanium TV also supports subtitles. Also, you will find all the necessary features in this app that users are looking for their convenience.


Popcorn time APK

CyberFlix alternatives Popcorn time APKPopcorn time is an old and stable but the excellent alternative app for  CyberFlix TV. As the name suggests, Popcorn Time also lets you watch movies and other content on your Android devices.

Popcorn time is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. You can install the app on any of the devices, which is also great for all non-Android users.

While other applications flow through links from the web, Popcorn Time is like a Torrent client but with players who stream videos.

With all these features, you can consider Popcorn time APK is a good alternative for CyberFlix TV.


Cinema APK

CyberFlix alternatives Cinema APKCinema APK is a powerful streaming application for Android that has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows to watch. This is one of my favourite CyberFlix TV alternatives that you can use instead of CyberFlix TV. That is why I have included Cinema APK to this list.

When speaking about the interface, this application has the best user interface. It will give you a better experience when watching movies online. Also, you will notice that the interface of Cinema APK is a bit different than other streaming apps like CyberFlix TV, Titanium TV etc.

If you want some change, then Cinema APK application is one of the best alternatives for the CyberFlix TV app.

Even if I have not listed here, Sony Crackle is another great alternative application for CyberFlix