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Introduction The establishment of Fort Larned in along the banks of the Pawnee provided protection for travelers along the Santa Fe Trail, and perhaps equally important, provided an opportunity for settlement by whites in the wild, seemingly desolate lands of what would become Pawnee County. The tracks of the Santa Fe Railroad, dropping seeds of tiny, sprouting communities in its wake, wended its way across the prairie, reaching this area little more than a decade later. As with similar towns, Larned, Kansas which sprang up near the fork of the Arkansas and Pawnee Rivers and named for the nearby fort, was birthed by a special kind of people: individuals that were venturesome, opportunistic, and above all, optimistic.

Bracken Kansas City Escorts

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At the time the film takes place, no building in Los Angeles was allowed to be taller than City Hall, so the cameras were placed at certain points so that any building taller than City Hall would not be seen. Ellroy replied that not only was L. Confidential in pre-production, but two Australian natives Pearce and Russell Crowe were cast in the film. The audience erupted into laughter, thinking that Ellroy was playing a wry joke on the audience by randomly naming two local actors and claiming they were cast in a big-budget Hollywood film. Pearce, who was sitting in the audience, was mortified. It was only a year later that the audience learned that Ellroy was, in fact, telling the truth.

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If he can get here,' and will make a few speeches for McKinley and Roosevelt.

As the result of the exchange of cable. The northwest corner of the Statehouse grounds has been selected as the place for the Populist notifi cation meeting, and a large stand is being erected there. Including forty marines. A certain dy of the week will be set apart -for Grand Army men, another day for commercial travelers, at which a com mercial traveler will preside and commer cial men will speak.

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XL Grosvenor, member of Congress from Ohio, arrived here to-day, returning from a vacation trip to Europe. Objections of both protesting parties were overruled. That In New York city for about T? Cory will leave for In. Conger 3Iar Take the Stamp. There may be details of this rescue still to be carried out, out no doubt is entertained that the rescue will be accomplished. Peking taken on the 15th.

Bryan has changed his itinerary for next week so as to cut out Karras City. Supplies can be landed by tugs and lighters at this port during the entire year, and can be sent by rail to a point opposite Taku, the railroad connecting with the same road that runs from Taku through Tien-Tsin and on toward Peking- The commissary department has ascertained that sufficient quantities of fresh beef can be sent to supply the troops all winter, which was one of the doubtful questions when the matter was first considered.

Admiral Remey can command. The government considers that tht first purpose enumerated, namely, "opening up communication with Peking and rescuing the American officials, missionaries and ether Americans who are in danger," is now achieved. The State Department received a cipher cablegram from Consul General Coodnow at Shanghai, stating substantially the same thing as Barry as to the arrival of the allied forces at Peking, and the safe deliverance of the legatiohers.

If he can get home in time depends, of course, on his strength and inclination.

The meeting will begin at 4 o'clock and will be presided over by Senator Marion Butler, chairman of the Populist national com mittee. Secretary of State Porter has decided that "Free-silver Republicans" and "Middle-road PopulL'ts" may have a place on the official state ballot this fall under the names quoted.

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The admiral has stated that he had sent Lieutenant Lattlmer. After a visit to Maine, where he will make several political speeches, General Grosnevor will go to Ohio to canvass his own district. Plenty of Offer In Xerr York. When a club Is organized, the secretary should at once send to W. Hearst, president of the National Association of rjernocratlc Clubs, No.

James K. Jones, chairman Democratic national committee, and W. Hearst, president National Association Democratic Clubs.

Both of these questions are for the present In abeyance pending definite news from General Chaffee and Minister Conger, Certainly there can be no immediate withdrawal from Peking, and he government Is yet to learn what plans will be devised for escorting the legationers and the several thousand native Chris tians to the coast. Thirdly, in guarding and protecting all legitimate American interests; and. The Republican county committee objected to the Free-silver Republicans using the name "Republican. The Barry dispatch spoke of Pe king as being "taken, which to a man of military training clearly meant that It was not without a struggle.

It can be stated authoritatively that the foregoing declarations stand to-day as they did on the day they were enunt iated. While It had been talked about that there-was considerable Bryan money in the hands of Kansas City men which would be placed at odds, none of It was offered. It Is not expected the Americans will land a party. These organizations, being Democratic, should avoid ostentation and extravagance.

Groirenor to Speak In Slatne. Doubtless -the Eastern brokers will make the matter public, but under the circumstances we cannot do so. First, in openlnjr ud com munication with Peking and rescuing the American omciais, missionaries and other Americans who are in danger. By means of this organization it is expected that all the industrial classes will be reached and given a chance to become familiar with the political issues of the day.

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In Chicago, as an example, a noon-day meet Ing has been started at Market street. This tallied with the Japanese admiral's statement of fierce resistance and a considerable num ber of casualties among the Japanese attacking party. General Chaffee, being at the front and in the midst of the trials at Peking, is hardly expected to get through information with that facility which. Dupee, "merely as showing the feeling in New York on the election prospects.

The fight must be carried on by American citizens in behalf of American principles and there should be no delay in perfecting club organizations. I would be unwilling to1 give the name of the firm, as the dispatch to us was confidential. He did not complete the speech, but he made such progress as to Insure completion before starting on his Nebraskan.

The Topeka speech will not deal with any particular topic, as the Indianapolis speech did. Although this purpose was made known some weeks ago in Secretary Hay's note of July 1, they now assume special importance in tne light of the work to be taken up. All are well.

These dispatches, together with those of last night from Admiral Remey and Consul Fowler, dissipated the slightest ves tige of doubt as to the arrival at- Peking and the safety of the legations; but there is still an eagerness among the officials for the details of the momentous event.

The first dispatch came from Brigadier General Barry, who has just arrived at Taku to become chief of staff to General Chaffee.

Will go to front. One hundred thousand dollars on the election of McKinley at 13 to 4. That he can get here In time is not yet certain, but the effort to procure his presence Is being made.

With the allied armies at Pekinir and the legatloners rescued it can be stated that the American administration considers one of Its most essential purposes has been achieved, and that It now remains only to carry out with unswerving fidelity the pur poses aireatiy cieany denned by th s gov ernment. Gory, presl dent of the National Commercial and In dustrial League and national organizer of commercial traveling men'a clubs, has or ganized and has in operation, or will have In operation, noon-day club meetings In all the larce cities of.

The expected appearance of Mr. Conger on the stump. Chief Justice Doster, of the Supreme Court, will deliver a brief introductory address. This is the proposition made by one of the leading brokerage houses of New -York. Admiral Remey also uses the expression. Hott Popnllsta Will Notify Bryan.

Secondly, in anoruing an possible protection everywhere in China to American life and property. Bryan spent the day In the preparation of his Topeka speech. Hl3 dispatch said: "Taku, Aug. In diana, transport, arrived on the 16th.

The offer Is a genuine one, the Eastern brokerage house making It is one of the largest firms in Wall street, and when It says it Is 'authorized' to make such a proposition, there can be no doubt the money rwili be forthcoming. William J. Bryan will arrive In Topeka at a.

Garvester bracken, movant/appellant, vs. state of missouri, respondent.

Secretary Heath, of the national committee, says he is unable to promise speeches by Mr. Conger, but he has hopes. The New York brokers dispatch stated that 'they were authorized" to make wagers In the amount stated, but withheld the names of the principals who were to furnish the money.

Bracken, representative there of Schwartz. She has on board men. Legations safe.

That leaves the three remaining purposes set forth still to be carried out. The ar Department as well as the Navy Department is expecting almost mo mentarily from Admiral Remey the details or this engagement.

It is assumed that he will speak at least once in Iowa, probably at Des Moines, his home city. John Dupee, when asked at his residence In Oconomowoc regarding the matter, said the dispatch had been received from New Y'ork naming the amount and conditions, as stated. His dispatch last night came from Tien-Tsin, only kansas miles from Peking, and gave promise that wire communication with the front was open, at least in part.

One day will be set apart for business men and merchants. The port of Shan-Hai-Kuan is the one selected by the Germans for landing the troops now on the way to China, and Is: almost directly eat of Peking. Four distinct purposes were laid down in this declaration, namely: The purpose or the President Is, as it has been city, to act concurrently with the other powers.

He will be followed by T. Patterson, of Colorado, who will make the formal notification address. The following address to the Democrats of tie United States was issued to-night: "In bracken that the fight for the rescue of th,e country from Republican policies may be carried on everywhere -with vigor snd earnestness, we urge all citizens throughout the United States who are Trilling to support the Kansas City platform to meet In their respective communities on Saturday afternoon or evening.

IL Edmlston, of the People's Independent party's national committee, objected to the use of the escort "Populist" by the mid-dle-roaders, because his party has been commonly known as the Populist party. He went to his farm, a few miles outside the city, early in the day, so as to avoid Interrutlons and there put In the time dictating to a stenographer. The noon-day meeting in Chicago fcas been in successful operation for about o vek.