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Admiral escorts Bend

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Admiral Escorts Bend

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To meet this we must use deception and mobile loading and are proceeding to do so. Interdiction by Kinmen artillery is faced with hopeless odds even with the eight inch HOWs.


We have the best Chinese operational admiral down in Kaohsiung with Blackburn. So they seem to know who is coming and where it is going and give with their all only when the cargo is important in quantity.

Ambassador and I putting all our effort on this here but observations in home papers from responsible citizens does not help. In addition fire now lands accurately on any beach we use day or night. The Chinese will try but they will take losses.

Gregory j. slavonic

Quite frankly we were misled by Kinmen advisors that only observable beaches were one and two the ones habitually used. Believe you need a roundup of picture as I see it here. Blackburn headed the Navy component of the U. Received at a.

There are other s too vague to analyze piecemeal but in aggregate are alarming. Blackburn, Commander, Taiwan Patrol Force. We are using approach to press that of all military operations amphibious is most complicated. Riley, Chief of Staff, U. Pacific Command.

Past recon has been devoted to ChiCom air deployments almost exclusively but now have GRC agreement to cover the coastal areas for naval intel and to limit penetration. I think MND will consult me but the President is just too calm and too quick to acquiesce to our ideas of working slowly toward getting a successful lift through. This can be serious.

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I believe the Kinmen garrison can hold out longer than the GRC top level echelon who will probably cry panic long before panic is a factor. All intel agencies [ less than 1 line of source text not declassified ] trying uncover means by which Commies are getting convoy info.

Third and of course the critical issue getting the stuff on the beach. That this is vital in any negotiation in any forum. Critical times are near. Matter of growing concern is US and GRC public bickering as to responsibility for failure of convoys. Telegram From the Commander, U. Source: Department of State, Central Files, Top Secret; Priority.

Cannot even guess what objective might be. Capability will be limited but important thing now is a successful effort and soon.

Admiral Felt has info other means. Public relations. I think the US will have to take over and the matter of when we do will become increasingly critical every day.

There are really three basic factors here. Chinese recon flights using cap source of provocative claims by ChiCom s and invariably bring out MIGs but pattern has been remarkably defensive in nature. That Chinese have little or no experience and never against opposition. First that no concept of current situation appears in any planning instrument anywhere. This amazes me.

Reminiscences of the surrender of japan and the end of world war ii

One look at the topography around Kinmen and it screams out loud. This is wonderful meat for Commies and must stop. Second the peculiar and to us utterly unbelievable sense of command relations possessed by the Chinese. Menu Menu.

Add to the foregoing his latest argument which grows in intensity and logic that the US could still stop it by openly announcing the complete assumption of logistic support to Kinmen that the only alternative is war and we come to complete impasse.